About Amy Nelson-Mile

I'm a non-fiction writer with a B.A. Honours in English literature. My graduate work was in Medieval English literature.

I live in Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. I've lived in Saskatchewan all my life; I grew up in small towns around Regina (I think of Strasbourg as my home town). I love the prairie countryside--in fact, I'm one of about three people who likes the incessant wind here.

My husband, Alan Mile, and I share our house with a little zoo of animals (currently five cats and four ferrets). They all roam freely throughout the house and yes, they all get along.

In my professional life I'm a freelance writer who writes both corporate and periodical material. Click here to learn more about my work.

In my personal life I'm a non-stop reader (see the sidebar for my list of books read or click here) as well as a writer (literary non-fiction), music lover, pop culture watcher, and low-wattage Internet geek. I'm also on the Board of the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance.

If you'd like to know more about the topics that interest me, see my list of links (ever-expanding). You can also check out my the archives of the two blogs I maintained for nearly two years (see left navigational bar).

On the offhand chance that you're fascinated by me, here are a few random things to know:

And if you really can't get enough of me, here I am holding Owen the ferret (Owen lived with Candace Hough):

Amy And Owen The Ferret

Photo courtesy of John Rosloot

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