My Freelance Work

I write corporate material and magazine articles on a wide variety of topics, including the arts, business, education, fashion, health, heritage, human interest, spirituality, and more.

My writing is always clear and accessible and I can adapt easily for various audiences. My style can be serious or quirky, my sentences and vocabulary simple or complex. In addition, I always submit my material on or before deadline.

Corporate Writing

For over 15 years I have written corporate material. My clients have included individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations, and all three levels of government.

Here are some of the types of materials Iíve written:

Periodical Writing

I have published over 200 articles in several newspapers and magazines.

My work includes feature articles, columns (highlighting local culture and local history), and advertorials.

What I Don't Write

Here are the types of writing that I do not do well (or at all), so I don't want to waste your time or my energy trying to:


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