A Primer on Regina, Saskatchewan, and Canada


Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. With a population of roughly 199,000 people, it is the second largest city in the province.

Established in 1882, it is a quiet, friendly city with a vibrant arts and cultural community. The city is also home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the training academy for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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Saskatchewan is one of the three Canadian prairie provinces (the others are Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east). The province has a population of about 985,000.

The southern part of Saskatchewan is known for its agriculture--drive almost anywhere and as far as the eye can see there are fields of wheat, canola, rye, and many other crops. In the northern part of the province there are forests and lakes.

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Canada is the second largest country (by land mass) in the world. We have a relatively small population--about 32,600,000 people.

Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. There are two official languages: English and French. In Nunavut the third official language is Inuktitut.

A few well-known Canadians include Margaret Atwood, Frederick Banting, Tommy Chong, Linda Evangelista, Lorne Greene, Ben Heppner, Lynn Johnston, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Mary Pickford, and William Shatner.

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